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Debt Consolidation &
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DCC offers consumers free ongoing credit counseling services* and educational materials regardless of whether or not consumers enroll in the DCC debt management plan program. DCC also offers free educational seminars to the public. Please check our Events link for details. Please contact us for details at 1-800-982-8445.

*Fees may be charged for the debt management plan program. Terms, conditions, and eligibility requirements apply for debt management plans.


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Student Debt and Loan Debt
With rising costs of college and loans, student debt is soaring. Find out how to manage student debt and how to prevent it from happening.

Understanding Debt Consolidation Loans
Understanding the basics of debt consolidation loans can help get you out of debt and ease your mind of financial troubles.

Can Consumer Credit Counseling Help Avoid Foreclosure Foreclosure is a scary idea to think about. Consumer Credit Counseling can help bring your accounts current and save you money so you can afford your mortgage.

Debt Reduction By Setting a Budget
By setting a budget you can learn where your money is going and how to save and reduce your expenses. This will help reduce your debt.

Terminate Credit Card Debt Without Consolidation
Getting rid of credit card debt by yourself can save you a little money if you know how. Learn the basics of self debt consolidation.

Mortgage Debt Elimination, 3 Things You Must Know
Your mortgage is the hardest debt to eliminate due to it's large size and interest over time. There are ways to start eliminating this debt today.

Government Debt Consolidation Loans
Many do not realize that you can get debt consolidation help from the government. They offer several program to help the public and students get out of debt.

Credit Counseling a Must for Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy laws state that you must go through credit counseling before filing. This prevents people from avoiding their creditors.

Debt Consolidation Loans for Payday Loan Debt
Payday loans are one of the worst methods to dealing with debt or if you need immediate cash. Once in the payday loan cycle, it is hard to get back on top of your finances. A debt consolidation loan can help. 

5 Tips For Managing Debt
There are many ways to manage your debt. Here are some tips to a proactive approach of getting rid of your debt.

Credit Card Debt Reduction
Credit Card Debt is the leading debt type in America. Learn how to reduce this debt and get your life back on track.

What is Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling can help you get out of debt by reducing your interest on your accounts and reducing the overall debt.

Bill Consolidation Advice to Help With Debt
There are many ways to help with debt and bill consolidation can become an effective solution to getting rid of your debt.

Debt Consolidation Services Helps to Clear Debts
When you can no longer pay your bills on time or have enough money to pay your bills in full, debt consolidation services can help.

How to Consolidate Bills Effectively When Left in Debt
Mounting bills can easily overwhelm someone if they do not have a financial plan in place. Learn to consolidate bill effectively to get out of debt.

Get a Debt Consolidation Loan to Manage Bad Debts
A debt consolidation loan is one of many ways to get rid of your debts. Learn how this method can help manage your bad debts.

Using Credit and Debt Counseling to Manage Your Finances
Debt counseling can teach you how to manage your finances and get rid of debt. Knowing how to budget, save and spend can reduce your chances of going into debt.

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24 Amazing Pictures of Money
24 pictures of interesting money that will amaze you.

12 More Interesting Facts About Money
12 amazing facts about money that you might not have heard of.

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 Debt Counseling Q & A 

Question: Is it worth it to do a settlement, or will that be worse than the charge off? Answer

Question: My creditors keep increasing my credit limit, but I never use it. Is it better to keep the limits, or to reduce them? Answer


To contact the DCC Education and Resource Center and learn more about our consumer debt counseling services and debt consolidation services please call: (800) 982-8445


Your program has been much more than I ever expected. My credit card companies have all sent me a letter telling me that i'm doing hte right thing and to keep up with my payments.

John A
Denver CO

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Latest Debt Consolidation Blog Entries


Economic Stimulus Package - What to do with the Refund

What to do with this refund money. Spend it, save it or put it toward my debt consolidation plan.

Politicians and Economist hope that you will spend your refund, which will range from $300 to $600 per person. After all that is the point of the Economic Stimulus Package...

Prepare Now For Baby Tomorrow by Getting Rid of Your Debt

Having a baby can be an exciting time as well as a stressful time. One of the biggest worries is, how are going to afford a child? Getting out of debt now will help ease your stress and allow you to afford the things baby needs. You may even consider a debt consolidation program...

5 Recommended Debt Reduction Strategies

For people overburdened with debt, here are five recommended strategies for debt reduction that can greatly alleviate their problems. Here are Five suitable strategies for debt reduction...

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