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This site is a resource for Financial Education, Debt Solutions and Tools to assist with Credit Management. All the resources on this site are free of charge. We encourage visitor feedback, Tell us what you want to see more of! Sign up for news & updates and we'll keep you posted on the latest!


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Consumer Protection
Employment Resources
Financial Assistance
Health and Human Services
National Resources
Seniors Resource Center
Tax Resources
Getting Ready to FIle Your Federal Tax Return
Transcript – Getting Ready to FIle Your Federal Tax Return
Info Graphic – Getting Ready to FIle Your Federal Tax Return
The Importance of filing your Tax Return or Tax Extension on Time
Transcript – The Importance of filing your Tax Return or Tax Extension on Time
Info Graph – The Importance of filing your Tax Return or Tax Extension on Time
Most Common Tax Filing Errors
Transcript – Most Common Tax Filing Errors
Info Graphic – Most Common Tax Filing Errors
Owing Money To The IRS
Transcript – Owing Money To The IRS
Info Graphic – Owing Money To The IRS
What to do with your tax refund
Transcript – What to do with your tax refund
Info Graphic – What to do with your tax refund
Consumer Personal Loans
Credit Card Debt
Advantages of Making Credit Card Debt Payments on Time and Other Tips
Avoiding Credit Card Traps
Credit Card Counseling – Learn Credit Management Tips
Credit Card Debt and Simple Ways to Consolidate Them
Credit Card Debt Consolidation Nationwide Epidemic
Credit Card Debt Consolidation Solutions
Credit Card Debt Help for Senior Citizens
Credit Card Debt Reduction
Credit Card Debt Solutions That Can Help
How to Pay Your Way Out of Credit Card Debt
Paying Off Your Holiday Credit Card Debt
Prevent Identity Theft With a Credit Freeze
Saving Money on Your Credit Card Bills
Terminate Credit Card Debt Without Consolidation
Tips on Credit Cards, Part 1
Credit Collection Laws
Credit Repair Organizations Act
Fair And Accurate Credit Transaction Act
Fair Credit Billing
Fair Debt Collection Practices – Know Your Law
Statute of Limitations
The Fair Credit Reporting Act
The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
The Truth In Lending Act
Credit Counseling
Can Consumer Credit Counseling Help Avoid Foreclosure
Credit Card Counseling
Credit Counseling a Must for Bankruptcy
Credit Counseling Benefits
Credit Counseling Can Reduce Your Debt
Difference Between Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement
Free Credit Counseling to Help Manage Your Debt
Using Credit and Debt Counseling to Manage Your Finances
What Can Credit Counseling Offer You?
What is Credit Counseling
What to Ask a Credit Counselor?
Credit Education
Balance Transfers — Are they really free?
Transcript – Balance Transfers – Are they really free?
Info Graphic – Balance Transfers — Are they really free?
Consumer's Rights
Establishing New Credit
Finance Charges
What Are Secured Credit Cards
Transcript – What Are Secured Credit Cards
Info Graphic – What Are Secured Credit Cards
Credit Reports and Scores
Credit Repair After Bankruptcy
Do you Know the Benefits of Checking your Credit Report?
2016 Understanding Consumer Credit Guide
DCC Educational PDFs
Debt Consolidation
4 Valuable Tips on Debt Consolidation
Become Debt Free With Financial Advice
Benefits of Debt Consolidation
Bill Consolidation Loans
Bill Consolidation Advice to Help With Debt
Credit Consolidation: Is It Worth Taking?
Debt consolidation and Ways to Avoid Scams
Debt Consolidation Explained - What Happens if You Don't Pay?
Debt Consolidation Loans
Debt Consolidation Loans for Payday Loan Debt
Debt Consolidation Non-Profit
Debt Consolidation Now Will Improve Your Credit Score Later
Debt Consolidation Provides Relief from Financial Stress
Debt Consolidation Services Helps to Clear Debts
Debt Consolidation – Find Relief To Your Financial Stress
Debt Management Program
Debt Management Program Will Ease Debt Burden
Do You Need Debt Consolidation?
Get a Debt Consolidation Loan to Manage Bad Debts
Government Debt Consolidation Loans
Government Debt Consolidation Loans for Student Loans
How to Consolidate – Debt Help – Consolidate Your Debt Payments
How to Consolidate Bills Effectively When Left in Debt
How to Consolidate Debt
Let the government help you consolidate your debts
The Advantages of Credit Consolidation
Understanding Debt Consolidation Loans
Debt Girls
About The Girls
Debt Settlement
Debt Settlement Scams
Info Graphic – Debt Settlment Scams
Transcript – Debt Settlement Scams
Elderly Can Benefit from Debt Settlement
Financial Tools & Calculators
Bill Reminder Tool
Bill Reminder User Guide
Car Loan Calculator
College Savings Calculator
Credit Card Payoff Calculator
Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator
Retirement Calculator
Savings Calculator
Loan Modification Guide – Do It Yourself
Frequently Asked Questions
Step 1: Prepare yourself
Step 2 Gather the necessary documents
Step 3 Know what to expect
Step 4 Contact your lender
Step 5 Review your loan-modification plan
Step 6 Finalize the approval and begin making payments
Phone Apps
Home Buying
Build or Buy a Home
Choosing a Real Estate Agent
Home Equity Interest Rate Charges
Home Equity Line of Credit
Home Equity Loan Fees
Lease Buy Backs
Transcripts – Lease Buy Backs
Info Graphic – Lease Buy Backs
Managing Your Mortgage
Mortgage Basics
Mortgage Debt Elimination, 3 Things You Must Know
Quick Guide to Loan Modification
Transcript – Quick Guide to Loan Modification
Info Graphic – Quick Guide to Loan Modification
Real Estate Laws
Renting vs Owning
Interesting Money Articles
12 Amazing Facts about Credit Card Debt
12 More Interesting Facts About Money – Part 2
24 Amazing Pictures of Money
Introduction To Budgeting
7 Steps to Successful Budgeting
All You Need to Know About Budget Basics
Basics of Personal Budgeting
Budgeting – How Much?
Debt Management and Prevention Using a Budget
How to Pay Off Debt – Start Budgeting
Maintaining and Budget Planning
Manage Your Debt by Learning How to Budget
The Basics of Budgeting
Transcript – The Basics Of Budgeting
Info Graphic – The Basics of Budgeting
The Importance of a Household Budget
Managing Debt
1 in 10 Having Wages Garnished
Advanced Fees For Unsecured Loans
Info Graphic – Advanced Fees For Unsecured Loans
Transcript – Advanced Fees For Unsecured Loans
Debt Relief The Issue of Forgiveness
Get Out of Debt by Changing Your Financial Habits
Personal Finance Management to Reduce Debt
Start Early Teaching Kids Money Management and Savings
Saving Money
Banking & Credit
Energy Saving Tips
Info Graphic – Energy Saving Tips
Transcripts – Energy Saving Tips
Enjoy the Holidays Without Breaking the Bank
Info Graphic – Enjoy the Holidays Without Breaking the Bank
Transcript – Enjoy the Holidays Without Breaking the Bank
How 'Charge Offs' Effect You
Insurance & Housing
Money Management Means Setting Goals
Save Money When going to work
Transportation Savings
Utilities and Savings
What Debt Should You Pay First?
Young Couple Finances
Student Loan Debt
Student Loan Default Penalties
Consolidate Student Loans
Student Aid
Student Loan Tips for Recent Graduates
Student Loans and the Credit Squeeze
Types Of Debts
Auto Loan Prepayment Penalties
Balance Transfers
Credit Card Minimum Payments
Gambling Debt Problem Gambling and Bankruptcy Connection
Holiday Credit Card Debt
Ideas To Save
Inherited Debts?
Six Easily Avoidable Causes of Debt
Ways to Pay Off Holiday Debts
Video Library
Personal Finance Video library
Tax Tips Video library

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State Government

Department of Banking and Finances web site provides consumers with information pertaining to the banking industry in Florida. This includes and is not limited to the Bureau of Auditing, Bureau of Accounting and the Bureau of State Payroll. This site is useful to consumers looking for information ranging from Banking Statutes to Financial Fraud.

URL: http://www.flofr.com

Department of State is the official web site of the state of Florida. This site contains information on subjects being discussed in Federal government and how they can affect Florida Residents. A consumer will also find information on elections as well as links to State resources.

URL: http://www.state.gov/

Division of Consumer Services Site is available to assist consumers through education and assistance. The site contains a comprehensive list of consumer resources and information on several subjects that effect consumers in the state.

URL: http://www.800helpfla.com/tmkinstruct.html

Senate Official Site: Provides extensive information to consumer interested in current legislation, bills, laws or statutes. An archive is available for consumers to research one particular law, or several laws that may have similar applications. For consumers looking to research legislative proceedings, there is also a searchable archive of individual sessions, or a combined listing of all sessions in a PDF format.

URL: http://www.senate.gov/

Division of Emergency Management Site: Provides citizens with emergency information pertaining disaster and disaster relief. The site contains information on natural disasters, how they happen and what to do if they happen along with a storm watch center for consumers to track potential weather problems.

URL: http://www.floridadisaster.org/

National Government

National Government Resources Site is designed to search all government resources and sites for information and assistance. This site allows consumers to directly search over 30 million Government web pages on an unlimited range of topics.

URL: http://fedworld.ntis.gov/

US Small Business Administration Site offers a wide area of assistance to small businesses. Their assistance programs are able to help consumers in the areas of; Technical, Financial and Contracting Assistance, Internal Administrative and Disaster Assistance. Each area contains individual programs that small businesses will find useful. Use this link to find the US Small Business Administration office in your state or region.

URL: http://www.sba.gov/

US Department of Labor Site: Locate the labor office in your state or search for information on the government page. Topics of interest include; Wages, Health Plans and Benefits, Unemployment Insurance and more specified categories under each topic.

URL: http://www.dol.gov

Federal Disability Information Service Site: is a comprehensive Federal website of disability-related government resources. Employment, Housing, Education, Transportation, Health and Income Support are only a few of the topics here to provide people with disabilities the information and help they need.

URL: https://www.disability.gov/

Student Resources Site: Provides comprehensive links to answers on education. Topics covered range from Scholarships, Grants and State Financial Aid to Career Development and Choosing the right school.

URL: https://studentaid.ed.gov/home

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) For Consumers Site: The FDIC is an independent agency of the federal government created in the 1930s to protect the economy from Bank failures by insuring deposits made into an institution. The FDIC For Consumers site assists consumers with education relating to; Consumer Financial Rights, Mortgage Research and many others items pertaining to consumers and their finances.

URL: http://www.fdic.gov/consumers/consumer/index.html

US Department of Education Site: This site is a guide for government educational resources for students, teachers, parents and administrators. Topics include student aid, lesson ideas and publications, parental guides and news.

URL: http://www.ed.gov/index.jhtml
US Office of the Attorney General Site: Reviews areas covered by the Attorney General, his responsibilities and his functions in the US Government, as well as speeches, testimonies and annual reports.

URL: http://www.usdoj.gov/ag/

Medicare: The official US site for people with Medicare. This site helps people to find a Personal Plan, review Participating Physicians and supplier Directories. Search categories covering information on Eligibility, Prescription Drug Assistance Programs, and Medicare Coverage.

URL: http://www.medicare.gov/

US Department of Health and Human Services Site: This is the United States government’s primary agency for supporting the health of Americans and providing necessary human services. Specifically it assists those who are least able to help themselves. Research is available on topics such as: Physicians, Healthcare, Diseases and Overall Wellness.

URL: http://www.hhs.gov/

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Site: The FCC is the governmental agency that overseas and regulates communications. The site details each of the five bureaus and the specific areas they cover. The FCC handles complaints on communication, from consumers and responds with appropriate action. Visit the site for more information on the FCC and consumer’s rights and obligations.

URL: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/

Social Security Online: The official web site of the Social Security Administration. Social Security covers Medicare, Retirement, Disabilities, and resources relating to each of them and more.

URL: http://www.ssa.gov/

Accountant Locator: Find an accountant nationwide by searching by zip code and the type of service you need.

URL: http://www.accountantsworld.com/list/Directorylist.aspx
Legal Aid Society: This site provides you access to legal services in your area.

URL: http://www.legalaidpbc.org 
Federal Citizens Information Center: Site locator for consumers to search for information relating to any topic of interest from: Cars and Computers to Federal Programs and Health Issues.

URL: http://publications.usa.gov/

Consumer Reports: Review reports on products before you purchase them. Consumer Report issues monthly periodicals reviewing products that are available to the public. The report assists consumers in determining which products would be the best for their investment. It covers products ranging from vacuum cleaners and cars to financial service products.

Consumer Product Safety: Commission was organized to protect the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death from more than 15,000 types of consumer products. Search products for safety ratings and recalls to help decide on the best options.

URL: http://www.cpsc.gov/

Law Enforcement

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Office for Law Enforcement

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

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